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We have moved

You may have noticed a distinct lack of content on here in recent weeks, and for once there is a pretty good reason for that. Continue reading


Merry Christmas

I’m not one of those people that are “too cool” to get excited about Christmas or to celebrate it. Fact is, I bloody love Christmas, and not just because my birthday is at the same time (22nd, since you asked). It’s the one time of year when people are nice to each other for no … Continue reading

Back in business

You probably noticed that until pretty recently there hadn’t been any posts on this ‘ere blog for just over two years, and nothing from me in even longer than that. As you may know I also edit the Vital Norwich site, but there are some things I can’t really write about on Vital, particularly about … Continue reading

NCFC on the Web Awards 2009

Last year I thought it might be fun to recognize some of these great men and women that spend countless hours each week updating the world with the goings on in and around our favourite football club, and so kicked off what I called the “NCFC on the Web” awards. It was more successful than … Continue reading

Nothing much to report

Even by Norwich’s standards, the opening part to the summer has been extremely quiet. There has been no player / manager interviews for weeks, nobody has joined the club, barely anyone has left it and talk of financial investments is nowhere to be seen. There has been the odd rumour here and there, but nothing … Continue reading