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Lee Bowyer is hilarious

Lee BowyerIt’s probably fair to say that Ipswich’s Lee Bowyer isn’t the nation’s favourite footballer. He has always had a reputation as being somewhat of a thug, so imagine my surprise when I discovered this morning that he has taken to stand-up comedy.

In an interview on their official site, he says:

“It is really tight and we’re only a couple of wins from being back in the Play-Off picture.

“When you consider we still have over 20 games of the season left to play, there is definitely reason to feel we can get into the top six.

“Time is on our hands and if we can perform to the levels we have shown in the past then I would expect us to be in amongst the shake up come the end of the season.”

Last season Forest finished sixth in the Championship with 75 points. Town currently have 27 points from their 22 games, so they’d need at least 48 points from their remaining games to get to the same total.

By way of comparison, league leaders Southampton have 47 points from their 23 games, a feat Ipswich would need to match that to even stand a chance.

So yeah, you may have half the season to go Lee but I’d be a little more concerned about the teams below you if I were you – you only need one or two of them to sort themselves out and you’ll be off to Yeovil and Leyton Orient next season.



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