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Wayne Bridge hasn’t retired already?

Wayne Bridge

Former footballer Wayne Bridge

If you’ve seen any of the papers this morning or been on the BBC website among others you’d probably have seen that Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini says he hopes Wayne Bridge leaves the club in January.

If memory serves he was one of City’s first big-money signings when they got loaded, similarly to how he was at Chelsea, and the Beeb reckons he’s on about £90k per week, which might explain why no clubs have come in for him. Or haven’t they?

Another reason of course could be that he’s very happy just sitting on the sidelines earning an absolute fortune for doing bugger all. Says Mancini in the BBC article:

“I don’t know why you would want to stay at a club where you can’t play. He has a chance, maybe not in the Premier League but in the Championship.

“When we are young and start to play football we don’t play for money, we play because we like football. Every player should have this target in mind – to play football.

“Wayne is a good guy, but he had two or three chances in the summer, including Celtic, who are an important team. He trains with us sometimes and sometimes with the young players but I hope, for him, he leaves in January because it’s difficult for a player to stay training every day.”

Oh. So it’s that then. When Mancini was asked how he thought Bridge spends his Saturday afternoons the Italian said “golf?”, but biggest surprise in all this for me is that Wayne Bridge is still actually a footballer. I honestly thought he had retired. But fear not, the Sun reckon Arsenal want him. But why?

And he’s only 31? That’s the same age as me (well, until tomorrow)!




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