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Who stays and who goes in Carrow Road shake up?

Much talk since Norwich City’s relegation to League One has been about whether Bryan Gunn will stay on as manager next season. In fact, the whole coaching set-up is far from certain at this moment in time.

While we are on that subject, what on earth is taking so long? The way I see it is that the people who are sitting in these ‘meetings’ to decide the club’s future are all under pressure for their positions. Roger Munby, Delia Smith, Neil Doncaster, Bryan Gunn etc.

None of them are secure in their roles or fully backed by the club’s supporters, so what are they talking about? My biggest fear is that they are sitting down and trying to work out the best way to tell everyone that they are going to keep things exactly as they are.

Anyway, what I wanted to discuss today was the players. Considering the vast amount of loan players we had have gone back, there isn’t much left in terms of a playing squad. However, let’s go through it and see who will be here next year.

David Marshall – Stay.
Jon Otsemobor – Stay.
Adam Drury – Time to let him move on.
Dejan Stefanovic – Leave.
Lee Croft – Leave.
Sammy Clingan – Leave.
Jamie Cureton – Stay.
Gary Doherty – Stay.
Wesley Hoolahan – Stay (Depends if Leeds go up or not though).
Simon Lappin – Leave.
Darel Russell – Stay.
Matty Pattison – Stay.
Cody McDonald – Stay.
Michael Spillane – Stay.
Carl Cort – Leave.
Korey Smith – Stay.
Chris Martin – Stay.

As you will be aware, even if as many as I have suggested stay at the club, the squad is small to say the least. Other than the players mentioned, there is the likes of Tom Adeyemi, Luke Daley, Kris Renton and Damon Lathrope who could potentially push for a place.

Other than that, it is going to be a case of wheeling and dealing in the transfer market to put together a half decent squad. Of the loan players, only Alan Lee and Jason Shackell could possibly return on a more permanent basis, but this depends on the financial situation at the time.

Whatever happens in terms of a manager, it seems a safe football bet that they need to sort it out sooner rather than later because whoever is in charge needs as much time as possible to sort this squad out.

By Thomas Rooney



One thought on “Who stays and who goes in Carrow Road shake up?

  1. I would keep Simon Lappin…

    Posted by Kenneth | May 15, 2009, 8:08 pm

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