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Arturo Lupoli – what has he done wrong?

If there is one thing that annoys me most about Norwich City’s season, it is Glenn Roeder’s decision to leave out Arturo Lupoli, week after week. It drives me insane. What exactly has he done wrong? Four goals in six league starts isn’t exactly the worst record is it?

Unsurprisingly, Lupoli has vented his frustrations to the media recently. If anything, he has to be praised for keeping quiet as long as he has. Speaking about his lack of opportunities, the Italian said that he ‘cannot sit on the bench’ and that if needs be, he will ‘go somewhere else’.

This would really annoy me. Given the situation we find ourselves in, Lupoli is a player we should feel lucky to have. I struggle to find a legitimate reason for his omission as I don’t buy into the ‘too lightweight’ argument. He wasn’t too lightweight when he helped fire Derby to promotion back in 2007 and he wasn’t too lightweight when his two goals saved a point for us earlier this season at Cardiff.

So, why on earth has he been left out so often? I can’t even begin to find a reason. As the player himself states, he is ‘full of energy and wants to play’. He then went on to say that he hopes things will ‘change in the next month or so’, because if not, he will want out – who can blame him.

The only possible explanation in my opinion is Roeder’s stubbornness. Having originally decided that Lupoli was ‘too lightweight’ to make an impact, he won’t want to be proved wrong. That’s what annoys me so much about our manager – his sheer stubbornness and arrogance when it comes to crucial decisions.

That’s my theory on why he has traditionally struggled in his second season at a club. Things may have worked one way in his first season, but when they stop working in the next season – he is too stubborn to change things. ‘This has worked before, so it will now’ appears to be his approach.

As for Lupoli, well I feel ashamed at how he has been treated. When given the chance, he will score goals. That seems obvious. The thought of Leroy Lita and Lupoli up front should have been something that was at least tried. The football odds would have fancied Norwich creating and scoring plenty of chances with these two.

Instead, we will probably never see Lita at Carrow Road again and Lupoli may follow him out of the door before long.

That would be a crying shame in my view. The lad is bursting to play football and should be given a chance. Starting at Charlton this weekend. If make-shift striker Darel Russell or constantly crocked Antoine Sibiserki starts ahead of him and a negative result is achieved, then I will be drifting ever close to the ‘Roeder Out’ camp.

By Thomas Rooney – A sports writer who blogs about football betting.



One thought on “Arturo Lupoli – what has he done wrong?

  1. This one irritates me intensely as well – smacks of a manager with a small c*ck who isn’t man enough to back down for the good of the club, player, fans and even the board.

    If he doesn’t think a ‘small’ player can’t make it in this division, why the hell did he take him on in the first place? It’s not that hard to scout before you make the signing after all.

    All of which begs another question: why can’t a small player play in the championship? It’s not as if we hoof it up like Stoke for the pair of 6ft 3 strikers to clatter somewhere towards the net after all. If we play football (which thankfully we still do), having one smaller striker up front shouldn’t cause any problems. I don’t remember anyone complaining about Robert Fleck being too small to play for Norwich all those years ago (well, during his first spell before he went to Chelsea anyway).

    So, we have an awkward, arrogant, inflexible manager who is going to be prone to these kind of vendettas in the name of ‘Fergie-style’ discipline in the dressing room. And we are stuck with him – he hasn’t got the self-respect of Peter Grant and won’t be falling on his sword. And the board are too weak and lacking in football nous to get rid of him until after relegation is confirmed.

    On their side who else are we going to be able to get in? Whoever is in that position needs to be very well connected, as we are apparently in such a mess that we are totally reliant on loan players. I’d love to see Boothroyd and/or Malky back in a way, but neither has the clout to be able to bring in the players we so badly need.

    Which leads me on to another beef – literally! Why the hell didn’t we offer Malky a coaching job when he left all those years ago? Our defence has never had a leader since and successive pairings (Fleming, Shackell, Doherty etc etc) have been like headless chickens at the back. Big Malky scowling from the touchlines would have made them think about the job in hand a bit harder.

    So we are apparently stuck with Roeder – and he is sadly the best choice. No manager will want to come to Norwich with no money availble and Delia and Michael refusing to relinquish ‘control’ (used in the loosest possible sense) unless a suitor comes up with boom-level cash in the bust we are currently experiencing.

    I’m afraid, despite their good intentions, the board have to take ultimate responsibility. And that’s why I fear we are doomed to relegation. Our only hope is there are 3 clubs in an even more dire mess than us. And we shouldn’t be in that situation with the fantastic support we have week after week.

    I’ll be at the Blades game: I hope my pessimism is proved wrong there in style!

    Posted by Vanblerk | January 3, 2009, 5:18 pm

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