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Now that’s much more like it!

We’re hoping the Vital site will be back up and sorted in the not too distant future, but in the meantime I’ll continue to write here…

Today has been a great footballing day for me.

This morning my mighty Sunday league team progressed to the County Cup quarter-finals by beating previously unbeaten Sandy 4-1 (which was nice), and then immediately afterwards came the best East Anglian Derby we’ve had in, well, how many times did they say it – three years?

It was a thoroughly deserved victory and hopefully one that will really get our season moving in the right direction. David Marshall (who will be confirmed as Vital Norwich’s player of the month for November as soon as I can post on there again) was solid at the back, but man of the match for me by a country mile was Sammy Clingan.

He was absolutely everywhere and at the centre of everything good that the team did today. He was immense, and long may it continue. I can’t remember who said it (I don’t think it was me), but he is like Gary Holt with vision – impressive defensively but with a real eye for a pass. Great stuff.

See you all at Watford on Wednesday!


PS they’re not hanging around on the official site either – they’ve already got wallpapers up of today’s win. Which you can access here.



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