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I think it’s what you might call ‘bad timing’

Since taking over editorial duties at Vital Norwich, I’ve rather left this poor little blog to pretty much fend for itself apart from the very good contributions Thomas Rooney makes each week, so on days like today it’s a good job we’re still here.

You see if you happen to click on that Vital Norwich link you’ll notice something a little bit odd. Yep that’s right, the site has gone back in time about two-and-a-half months!

It is apparently due to a data array problem, and whilst it means the techies at Vital can bring forward some of the under-the-hood improvements they wanted to make which should make for better performance amongst other things, the bad news is that apart from not being able to make everything go back to 1993 as suggested on the forum it doesn’t look as though everything will be sorted before tomorrow’s game – which just so happens to be the biggest game of the season.

This derby is my first since taking over from Alex at Vital, but rather like Rick Waghorn on Wednesday, and Thomas yesterday I struggled to get into the ‘derby mindset’ this week. It’s not as if I’m fearful of a mauling tomorrow or anything, I just felt like we had bigger fish to fry right now.

That was until last night. I was down the pub with some friends from work (The Wellington Arms in Bedford – North Beds CAMRA pub of the year 2008), and something clicked just clicked.

I now can’t wait for the game – and after going through most of the Norwich/Ipswich clips on YouTube I’m now well and truly in the grips of ‘derby fever’.

So come on you Yellows – make us proud tomorrow – and with a bit of luck the good ship Vital Norwich will be back on course in time for the game.




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