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Norwich v Ipswich preview and the lack of ‘derby day fever’

This Sunday sees Norwich and Ipswich meet at Carrow Road for the first East Anglian derby of the season. The contrast in the fortunes of both teams so far this campaign is obvious – Norwich need the points to stay clear of the relegation zone and Ipswich need the points to keep in touch with the top six.

Normally in the build up to this match, there is a great sense of expectation. The fans are excited, yet nervous about the prospect of these two great rivals coming together once again. This season though, I can’t help but feel different.

For the sake of the atmosphere at Carrow Road, I hope it is just me that feels this way, but the game hasn’t really crossed my mind during the week. As a result, I haven’t got that gut wrenching feeling in my stomach in the build up to it. Therefore, I’m not in the slightest bit excited. Is that wrong? It probably is.

However, what it does is highlight where our beloved football club is right now. The interest is slowly fading. Don’t get me wrong, I am ‘City til’ I die’ and all that, I’m just sick of being let down by the club week after week. Actually, scrap that – season after season.

Best case scenario on Sunday is that we win, of course. This would be excellent, three points over ‘our friends’ from down the road is always welcome. It’s been a long time coming after all. However, with trips to Watford and Reading to follow – is it really going to make much of a difference to our season?

Just look at the victories over Wolves and Nottingham Forest. Both of them raised our hopes about the season and not long after we came crashing down again. I apologise for all the pessimism, but wouldn’t a victory over Ipswich just delay an explosion of anger from the City fans?

For me, it seems as though things are getting to the stage that they did with Nigel Worthington and Peter Grant. We are potentially a couple of results away from ‘Roeder Out’ chants and the protests outside the ground against the board. Considering the fact that the next game is Ipswich, it could just be one game.

Something I must exaggerate is that I want nothing more than Norwich to beat Ipswich on Sunday. It will make me happy on Sunday evening. However, once the hangover kicks in on Monday morning, the reality that we will most likely lose are next two games to cement our place in the bottom five or so will sink in.

Again, I am aware that I am taking a rather negative stance, but these are my views and ones that I’d like an opinion on. If you all slate me – that’s fine. It means there are still plenty of passionate Norwich fans out there. Rather disappointingly though, my passion is fading and to be honest, I’m gutted about it. To think we were celebrating promotion less than four years ago. Oh for those times to return.

Maybe a win over Ipswich will ‘kick start’ our season, but let’s be honest – we’ve heard all that before. Good luck to the boys though – I’ll be there shouting as loud as anyone when The Doc pops up with the winner in injury time.

City Till’ I Die

By Thomas Rooney – A sports writer who blogs about football betting



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