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Changes to the blog – some Vital news

As regular readers of this blog are probably aware, as well as maintaining this site I am also co-editor of the Vital Norwich website.

The editor there has decided to call it a day due to work commitments and I have agreed to take on the extra work, which means there will be need to be a few changes here as well.

For the most part any Norwich City-related articles will now go straight on to the Vital site (if you access this site via NewsNow there won’t really be much of a change), and anything non-NCFC will still go on here – as well as anything that isn’t appropriate to go on Vital Norwich basically.

So what does all that mean? Well hopefully it’ll mean better City-related articles for a start, as there shouldn’t be any duplication between the two sites. The only change for you is to make sure you’ve got access to the Vital Norwich RSS feed – I’d hate for you to miss out. 🙂



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