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The Fans Campaign – Let’s Save Our Game

I’m always one in favour of the greater good, so on behalf of Palace fan nickkris:

The FA have failed to protect the investment in youth football of lower league teams. They have set the compensation payable by wealthier teams that come in and poach youngsters at an amount that in no way reflects the value of those players. They are open to accusations of bias as they are not independent or seen to be independent. In the recent case of John Bostock for example, Spurs were ordered to pay very little by way of compensation for one of England’s brightest young stars.

In disciplinary proceedings the FA both present and decide on the case. Again this is not fair or independent. In view of the high profile of the game and in order to protect its reputation the Government should put pressure on or legislate for the FA to set up independent Tribunals to deal with all compensation decisions and disciplinary matters. This is because the FA have failed to put their own house in order and failed to govern the game in the interests of all its member clubs.

Alot of people in this country feel angry and upset about the goings on of the FA. Its about time we took our game back, it is after all our game.
We pay, we live, we die, we enjoy, this game is ours. This isnt a group for people to hate the top league. This is a group for the FA to do there job and protect and look after all its members for the best interest of the game, and its national team.

Players are being poached for minimal fee, and stockpiled at Premiership clubs, to the detriment of the club that produced and invested in them, and the entire English game.

Sort the compensation system out and stop losing big english talent to reserve teams up and down the country.




2 thoughts on “The Fans Campaign – Let’s Save Our Game

  1. Brilliant!

    Posted by Sleplefe | August 3, 2008, 1:42 am


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