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If Ronaldo is the new acid-rain, does that make the City board the new Ronaldo?

If like me Football365.com is a staple part of your football diet, you’ll probably read John Nicholson’s column on a regular basis.

His latest rant (let’s be honest, they’re usually rants) reminded me an awful lot of certain events going on in our little corner of the football world. This part in particular made me smile:

The Ronaldo saga is typical; hundreds of reports but no-one really knows anything, probably because there’s nothing definite to know yet. The last few days it’s all gone a bit quiet, so much so that Sunday’s News Of The World obligatory story attacked him for not saying anything.

In other words the story is that there is nothing to report. Disgrace! When nothing happening becomes a story, we have gone mad. Given that Rob Shepherd was the journo, maybe we should all bite something in anger.

More important still, whether he stays or he goes, the vast majority of us just don’t bloody well care. Almost all of us are not Man United or Real Madrid fans and would rather the story was only reported when it had happened. Just like in the news media, we don’t simply don’t need and certainly don’t want endless, pointless speculation.

Just report the facts once they’ve happened, sunshine. Why is that so hard?

Why indeed John, why indeed? You can read the full article here.



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