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15-30: Cullum’s PR machine hits cross-court winner

The old BT advert said that “it’s good to talk”, but unfortunately the club’s board does not appear to agree, according to Peter Cullum in the EDP:

I’m surprised and at a loss as to why the Norwich City board has not accepted my offer to sit down with them next week to progress this matter further. My offer of investment was focused on buying new players to give Norwich City a fighting chance of returning to the Premiership.

This was a potential lifeline for the club coupled with a great opportunity to be a contender for next season. The alternative is the prospect of another season fighting against relegation to the First Division. With the new season just around the corner, it’s vitally important that we conclude this matter soon for the sake of the manager and fans who deserve better in general.

The official statement released by the club made it clear (to me at least) that Mr. Cullum cannot invest £20m in the team and become majority shareholder (which he says he wants) at the same time – unless the other shareholders decide to walk away with nothing.

So with that in mind why is the board now apparently so unwilling to talk? You would think that the absolute minimum they should do is sit down with Cullum and his representatives and actually try and look for some middle ground, surely?

I don’t buy the conspiracy(?) theory that Delia and co. are holding out for top-dollar as money-grabbing greedy people, but at the same time if you’re not willing to walk away it probably isn’t a good idea to go on record saying that you are.

If it’s a PR battle that is going on there’s only one winner at the moment…



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