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Ginger Pele finally agrees a new deal

It’s good news that Gary Doherty has finally signed a two-year contract to stay at the club.

The 28-year old former Spurs man has taken more than his fair share of stick in recent months, but I think last season he was one of the more consistent performers. Granted that isn’t much praise, but it’s true none-the-less.

He told the official site:

It’s a two year deal so obviously I’m really pleased with that. I figured that the Club’s going in the right direction and I’m enjoying my football here and I hope that continues.

You ask any player, they want to be enjoying their football and their training and I’m certainly doing that at the moment.

How sweet – and it’s only the first day of pre-season. 🙂

Is everyone else happy that he’s signed? Personally I still think we need we need another central defender or two as I’ve got my doubts about the Doherty/Shackell partnership, but it’s definitely a positive move in my opinion.



2 thoughts on “Ginger Pele finally agrees a new deal

  1. Right – I have some strong views on this. Doherty has been more consisten than Shackell. But in my view, only one of the should be our first choice – at the most. In the last two/three years, we have been awful. Our defence has leaked lots of goals and most of this has been a result of the Shackell/Doherty partnership.

    If we go into a third season, with these two still as our first choice centre backs, it will baffle me. We are desperate for a Malky/Flem figure and neither of these two are it.

    Posted by Thomas Rooney | July 2, 2008, 12:05 pm
  2. This is clearly fantastic news. The Ginger Pele has delighted me in recent seasons with his flair, finesse, guile, skill and commitment. I have it on good authority from his ex-girlfriend that he is pretty good between the sheets also. The fact that he has flame hair only adds spice to the mix. Long live The Ginger Pele.

    Posted by Matthew Brook | February 3, 2009, 3:10 am

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