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It looks like Paterson is Burnley-bound, but Roeder says…Relax

Long-time City target Martin Paterson looks likely to end up at Turf Moor according to reports, but City chief Glenn Roeder is not worried:

We are fine, we will get the players that we want and there isn’t any player signed for another club so far where I feel I have lost out. The ones that have signed for new clubs already haven’t been any of my targets.

I am hopeful. There is one in particular that keeps hitting the wall and bouncing away, but every time it is bouncing away it is not bouncing further. Hopefully the next time it hits the wall it stays put, then we have got him.

It’s basically where I thought it would be. I am not perturbed at all that we have only announced one signing so far, but trust me, the supporters have got to feel confident that there will be plenty more coming in.

Lots of people are on holiday at the moment and probably not in as much of a rush as we are to want to sign players. We have to show more patience. We are fine.

We are just going to have to sit here, stay calm and wait for some more action – but there needs to be action because I thinned the squad out to the point of being bare. We will thicken it up again, no worries at all, and the more I get in around July 1 the better because they will have a full pre-season with us.

I’m feeling quite battle-hardened when it comes to transfer rumblings I think, which is why I’m not too concerned about Gary Doherty going missing(!).

If the Ginger Pele thinks he can get himself a better deal elsewhere then good luck to him seems to be the message coming out of Colney, and as much as I think there’s a little kidology going on there on Roeder’s part then I think it’s only right that we don’t allow ourselves to be held for ransom (if that is the case) simply because we’re short on numbers.



2 thoughts on “It looks like Paterson is Burnley-bound, but Roeder says…Relax

  1. It appears that Mr Andrew Cole could be on his way to Carrow Road….not sure what to make of that one, wouldn’t right him off now (like I did Dion when he joined) but must admit I am cautious. Surely he would be on a significant wedge?

    Posted by Thomas Rooney | June 21, 2008, 2:27 pm
  2. That one’s definitely picking up momentum isn’t it? Another case of “wait and see” I guess!

    Posted by MD | June 22, 2008, 2:36 pm

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