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Got any sympathy for Southampton?

They’re not having the best of times on the South Coast at the moment are they?

After their awful 07/08 season they get rid of one of the most respected young English coaches in the game (Nigel Pearson) in favour of a guy with no knowledge of English football, they announce plans to close-off parts of their ground and then, the cherry on the icing on the top of the cake, Nathan Dyer and Bradley Wright-Phillips get charged with burglary.

From SkySports.com:

Southampton duo Nathan Dyer and Bradley Wright-Phillips have been charged with burglary, Hampshire Police have confirmed.

The charges relate to an alleged theft of items from a staffroom at a Portsmouth nightclub on 28th February earlier this year.

Dyer and Wright-Phillips attended Portsmouth Central Police Station on Wednesday morning before being charged and bailed to appear before the city’s magistrates’ court on 8th July.

The investigation by Hampshire police was launched after two men were filmed on CCTV entering the unlocked staff room at the Bar Bluu club in Southsea.

Staff members claimed that during a night when the venue hosted R&B star Kano, three mobile phones, £145 in cash, student cards and cigarettes were allegedly stolen from three handbags.

Young winger Dyer came through the ranks at Southampton and has scored three goals in 61 appearances for the Championship club.

Former Manchester City striker Wright-Phillips has netted 19 times in 87 games since joining Saints two years ago.

Not very good times at all, but here’s the real question – do you have any sympathy for them? Have the Saints been victims of circumstance, or mis-managed to the brink of disaster?

Personally I think it’s almost entirely the latter, but what do you think?



4 thoughts on “Got any sympathy for Southampton?

  1. It’s certainly tough in Southampton at the moment. I lay the blame at the feet of our present chairman.

    Fans managed to oust him, after he lead Saints into the championship after a stint in the top flight that lasted more than 25 years.

    Money was the reason once again. It regularly left the club by way of shareholder dividends when the larger clubs sustained profitability while running up large debts.

    The other reason we have suffered is our over investment in our youth academy that produces players that we never get to see play.

    Unfortunately the chairman previously mentioned is back and once again wielding the axe in an attempt to be the only club in the championship not to be in the red, whilst fending off propositions to buy his cash cow.

    Hence the cheap manager option and the “looking to youth” approach.

    Expect January panic buys to try and keep Saints in the championship

    Posted by Jesus_02 | June 17, 2008, 7:31 pm
  2. It’s always a shame to see some of the more traditional clubs going through tough times. Thanks for the comment.

    Posted by MD | June 17, 2008, 7:41 pm
  3. Southamptons board I’m afraid.

    Our finances are not brilliant, but Southampton are a clear example of how “not” to manage a club after relegation from the premier league I’m afraid. As much as we hate Doncaster, he may well of saved us from a similar situation to the one Southampton seem to be suffering. I’m not completely sure how they have spent their money, but i get the feeling, unlike us, they spent beyond an amount the club could handle, therefor knocking any sort of stability they may have had in finances.

    Overall, us Norwich fans should consider ourselves lucky we’re not in a similar situation as Southampton, and our board, including Doncaster deserve praise for that…

    … Wait one minute!? Did i say “Doncaster” deserves praise!? Alright then, back to the medication, and a visit from the men in the white coats… 😉

    Posted by John | June 17, 2008, 9:42 pm
  4. To be fair, whilst the Board room antics haven’t helped, its hat has (or hasn’t) happened on the pitch that has put us in the mire… Ok so a simple breath test would have prevented us appointing both Sturock and Burley, neither of whom got manage their way into, let alone out of a paper bag – however it i the players that have let themselves down in a big way. I see 8 yrs olds on a sunday morning playing with more belief. James Beatie’s beast spell at the club came after his drink drive ban – as i think for a brief moment he stopped thinking he had a god given right to pull on a shirt and collect the highest wage. As for Dyer and Wright-Phillips, well as they saycan take the kids off the estate… i just hope the whole squad are pulled into line and remember what it was to be an ambitious sportsman and not a spolit kid..

    Good luck to the Canaries this season and maybe we’ll both get back to where we belong!!

    Posted by Saint Nev | June 23, 2008, 11:08 am

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