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Doncaster confident of signings – let’s hope he’s right

City Chief Executive Neil Doncaster has said that he is not worried about the perceived lack of transfer activity at Carrow Road.

Players generally return on or about July 1 for pre-season and I think you will see the majority of deals starting to be done in the eight weeks to the end of August.

It’s usually the trend this time of the year that not much business is completed, but this year it has been more marked that there are so few and that is due to a number of factors.

The reality is that all of us who are engaged in the transfer of players – myself, club secretary Kevan Platt, the manager and head of recruitment Bryan Gunn – are all busy on the telephone dealing with players, clubs and agents.

We are confident that players will be arriving.

I can see why some people are blaming Euro 2008 for the “delay” in many clubs making signings. You’d like to think that most of the players we sign in the summer would fall in the “inbetweener” category (i.e. not quite good enough for the upper echelons of the Premier League but quality players none-the-less), and you’d imagine that it would be exactly this sort of player that Premier League clubs are looking to replace – and the European Championship would be the ideal place for them to go shopping.

Patience is seemingly required, but I for one won’t really feel comfortable until reinforcements start to come in. Until we can start focusing on who has come in rather than who has left I’m going to continue feeling a little bit apprehensive about the weeks/months to come.

On the plus side, at least we’ve got the European Championships to concentrate on whilst we wait for the first meaningful official club SMS of the summer…




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