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Things could be a lot worse – just look at who wants to be the new Blackburn Rovers manager…

We may be about a dozen players short of a squad, have no physio department left and have just finished one of the most depressing seasons in recent memory, but it could be worse. Take Blackburn Rovers for example.

They had an impressive season, but it hasn’t exactly been the best of weeks for them. First they lose their manager to Man City, then their star striker announces that Man Utd want him (and so do Arsenal apparently), and if that isn’t enough, this appears on the BBC website, courtesy of former England manager Steve McClaren:

Of course that would interest me. Unfortunately what happened with England was a huge failure but I want to get back into management.

I’d be mortified…and then I’d remember that my team had just finished seventh in the Premier League, and things weren’t actually that bad.

I thought the thought of McClaren back in the game would cheer me up and help me feel a little bit more positive about the summer ahead, but it didn’t work at all. Damn. 😦



One thought on “Things could be a lot worse – just look at who wants to be the new Blackburn Rovers manager…

  1. I am so angry about this rumour I am not even a Blackburn fan but I am a fan of football, If you want a good reason not to appoint mcclaren, its all around us at the moment,
    Euro 2008 and no England,
    Because of this one man, we had the point we needed against Croatia,
    (not that we should ever have been in a position to be looking for a point)
    he was advised to make a tactical change to hold on for the draw by his number 2 but no he wanted a win so he disregarded the advise of one of the most experienced men in English football management as he had done many times before and went for the win, the rest is history.
    He cost England, he will cost Blackburn although I hope for the sake of Blackburn supporters he is not for one minute being seriously considered for the job or a job in management at any other club.
    He has been unemployed managerial wise since being sacked from the England job and unless any club is feeling suicidal and want to head in a downward direction that man should remain out of football management

    Posted by Ricky | June 8, 2008, 12:34 pm

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