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Nicholson won’t be coming in from Aberdeen – and did I just read “3 to 4 weeks”?

Glenn Roeder has categorically ruled out any move for Aberdeen’s out-of-contract star Bryan Nicholson, ever so slightly contradicting what “Head of Player Recruitment” Bryan Gunn told the Aberdeen Evening Express, namely:

Barry is one of the players who has been recommended to us and is on our list of targets. We have made inquiries about him, but haven’t taken things further than that just yet.

Barry is a free agent and we are interested but our manager, Glenn Roeder, is on holiday right now so we won’t be taking things further until he gets back.

Roeder on canaries.co.uk, had this to say:

I have no intention of signing Nicholson and to be honest I’m unhappy with agents who talk up their players supposedly going to clubs regardless of whether or not any bid has actually been made.

Contrary to several reports in the last few weeks I have not missed out on players I have been interested in. There has not been one player I’m seriously interested in signing who I have missed out on so far.

I am however very, very busy at the moment working on several possibilities and I am confident players will be starting to arrive at Carrow Road within the next three to four weeks. For obvious reasons I can’t say who they are at the moment because I don’t want to alert anyone else as to who our targets might be.

Oh I hope this means that Gunny has either been mis-quoted or in the time between his speaking to the paper, My Football Writer picking it up and the SMS that they have spoken to his agent and decided “thanks, but no thanks”. There can’t be many other roles left for him if he he’s put his foot in it and Roeder decides to “Neil Adams” him – unless he’s handy with a sponge of course.

I’m more concerned (if that is the right word) with this “three to four weeks” business. In keeping with my trying to be more positive though I’m going to take a leap of faith and assume that what is meant by that is “before pre-season training starts at the beginning of July”.

Would you agree, or am I being overly-optimistic? Let me know what you think…



2 thoughts on “Nicholson won’t be coming in from Aberdeen – and did I just read “3 to 4 weeks”?

  1. Don’t panic! I had to read the report a couple of times.
    Glenn said WITHIN 3/4 weeks, not players will be coming in 3/4 weeks, some could come today, some could come end of June. Confused? I know I was!
    Hope you had a good holiday, you will need another by the end of this transfer merry-go-round

    Posted by Iain | June 4, 2008, 8:04 am
  2. Could be ass covering, but 3-4 weeks is a little un-comforting to put it another way

    Posted by gordo | June 4, 2008, 9:17 am

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