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Manchester United boss: I’m not childish, he’s childish…

I know I was going to try and have a little fewer non-Norwich City posts, but sometimes you read something that just has to be shared.

Sir Alex Ferguson has hit back at Gary Lineker, who referred to the Manchester United manager as “childish” on air last season. This is the same Sir Alex Ferguson who still refuses to give interviews to the BBC because of a programme several years ago that he took particular exception to, as it didn’t exactly paint his family in the best light:

Gary Lineker, a bright boy from the BBC, says I’m childish. Well, he should know about that himself.

He has been subjected to a lot of stuff in the media and I know he tried to have stuff stopped from getting in newspapers from time to time.

So he’ll understand what childishness means, because he is childish. I don’t think I’m childish at all.

Ferguson then flicked Lineker’s ears and ran away, shouting “he started it, he started it”. Ok maybe he didn’t, but he should have done.

I’m still refusing to give interviews to Virgin Media by the way, as they are insisting on charging me £75 to come round and fix the fact that my high-definition box has never worked in high-definition. This is despite them making a “free” appointment a few months ago that their engineer kindly didn’t turn up to – after warning me that if he arrived and I was out I would be charged £10 for the privilege.



2 thoughts on “Manchester United boss: I’m not childish, he’s childish…

  1. Ferguson and the BBC havent alwways seen eye to eye have they? I do tend to agree with Ferguson here. Lineker can say what he likes in the nice warm studio about a man who has just won the Champions League.

    Short answer though – they are both pretty childish.

    Posted by Thomas Rooney | June 4, 2008, 2:12 pm
  2. They are both as bad as each other


    Posted by manuniteddevils | June 4, 2008, 3:40 pm

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