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After months of fevered speculation, Ipswich’s new sponsor is…

…erm, Ipswich Town’s new owner.

I think that is what is known the trade as “an anticlimax”

Speaking on the official Town website, a Marcus Evans Group spokesman said:

Ipswich Town’s ambition is to establish itself back in the top flight of English football and achieve long term success in the Premier League.

The world wide media coverage that comes with playing in the Premier League and which football attracts in general, provides an ideal platform to further develop awareness of the Marcus Evans brand to an international audience.

So through the partnership we aim to help return Ipswich Town Football Club to the Premier League and maintain the Club’s status at that level, as well as reinforcing the position of the Group as a trusted global brand.

Let’s not try and run before we can walk, hey boys? But fear not Town fans – it’s not as if nobody else was interested according to Sales and Marketing Director, Andrew Goulborn:

There was serious interest from other high profile companies, but the long term commitment and financial support offered by the Marcus Evans Group proved decisive.

Whatever you say love.



4 thoughts on “After months of fevered speculation, Ipswich’s new sponsor is…

  1. and norwich great new shirt sponsor is??????

    u boys are so green with envy….

    another £4 million for us cant be bad….

    how many loan players will make up your squd this season???


    Posted by ian | May 21, 2008, 9:43 am
  2. ian. 4 million. Nice one…

    One question, isn’t that 4 million sponsorship money, money that could be used as your transfer fund anyway?

    Oh yeah, “how i envy you” for being a club owned by an owner whose clearly only using you to advertise his company… Looks like you’ll soon be taking the title off Mk Dons as the new “Franchise F.C.”, congratulations

    Posted by John | May 21, 2008, 9:51 am
  3. Ian I think you’re missing the point mate.

    Do I wish we had a “Marcus Evans” waiting in the wings to pile a truck load of cash into the club? Hell yeah I do, but I don’t think this sponsorship deal makes sense.

    From what I can tell (and admittedly I only have an “A’ Level in Business Studies so I’m hardly an authority on the subject) he’s the owner of the club and has therefore put in some of his money, and now with his company being the new sponsor he is effectively putting in more of his own money – that he probably would have invested anyway.

    It might not be literally coming from the same pot, but it as good as.

    I would have thought investment from one of these other “high profile” companies would have given more money overall, but maybe I’m being a little naive.

    Posted by The Guru | May 21, 2008, 9:52 am
  4. Hey Guru, you’re right about it being a bit odd sponsoring his own club, however tax-wise it might be very smart.

    Ed – I’ve de-capitalised this Mike – there’s no need to shout mate. 🙂

    Posted by MIKE | May 21, 2008, 9:43 pm

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