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Premier League Championship Poll: Manchester United or Chelsea?

Apparently there’s some sort of big weekend going on in the Premier League (the one that gets all the money and is on the telly all the time), but there are a couple of pretty important issues still to be resolved.

One of them is the title. Manchester United are red-hot favourites going into Sunday’s game at Wigan Athletic, and just need to match Chelsea’s result against Bolton to be crowned champions for the second year in a row.

You can have your say on that little battle here…

Poll: Who is going to win the Premier League title?

Voting will close on Saturday evening, as soon as I remember to disable the links. 🙂

UPDATE: I decided to split this and the relegation poll into two different posts, just to make them easier to follow. You can vote in the relegation poll by clicking here.



One thought on “Premier League Championship Poll: Manchester United or Chelsea?

  1. chelsea is going to win both the premier league and champion league.but it depends on the coach if he use j.cole kalou and drogba they will win the league but if he refuse to use them i dont think they will win it

    Posted by jessica | May 10, 2008, 9:01 am

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