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The axe falls on 9 – including Huckerby

Nine players are free agents after the club announced they will not be offered new contracts for next season:

  • Darren Huckerby
  • Rossi Jarvis
  • Ryan Jarvis
  • Bally Smart
  • Patrick Bexfield
  • Andrew Cave-Brown
  • Steven Arnold
  • Matthew Halliday
  • Juan Valesco

The club have also said that they won’t be commenting further on the position of other players who are out of contract (so people like Mark Fotheringham and Gary Doherty), so I take that to mean that they want them to stay.

With all due respect eight names on that list haven’t exactly achieved an awful lot during their time with the club, but Huckerby is a different ball game entirely.

If it is true that Roeder has “known for ages” what his plans were, why weren’t we given the opportunity to give Hucks the send-off he undoubtedly deserves? It just smacks of a lack of respect as far as I’m concerned.



2 thoughts on “The axe falls on 9 – including Huckerby

  1. embarrassing way to treat a loyal player, robbing the fans the chance to pay a fitting tribute also the player the right to show his appreciation.
    Why not before now ? because they can hide and hope that the backlash has died down and been forgotten with a few youth signings come August.

    Disgusted by the whole affair. shoddy unprofessional and cowardly

    Posted by Gordon | May 6, 2008, 4:30 pm
  2. I’m not sure what to think about this. On the one hand, it’s surely the bravest decision of Roeder’s managerial career. He’s got balls, there’s no doubt about that. I trust his judgement, and await his dealings in the transfer market this summer with much interest. This club has been under-achieving for too long now, a football club that regularly attracts gates of 25,000 every home game shouldn’t be struggling at the bottom of the Championship, it needs shaking up. He’s the man to do that, I’m in no doubt. He wants his “own” team, and that’s ok by me. He deserves to be allowed to build that team, and let us judge him on it.


    Darren knew in his heart (I believe) that Sunday would be his last game for the club he genuinely loves. He also knew that Sunday was always going to be all about Dion. Top man that he is, Hucks left the stage to Dion to take the well deserved plaudits. But I’m sure I’m not the only NCFC fan who noticed Hucks thumping his chest and kissing the badge on his shirt after he scored the opening goal of the game and the last of his 48 for Norwich City. It was poignant, it was heartfelt, it was REAL. Unlike most “badge kissers” he meant it. He really meant it.

    And I just feel that he deserved a better send off from us than he got on Sunday, when all eyes were on Dion Dublin.

    Glenn, you could at least have let us do that. Hucks may not have been one of yours, but he was one of ours. And as you rightly say Glenn, this football club is special, and we like to look after our own.

    Darren, respect mate. OTBC.

    Posted by Andy | May 6, 2008, 10:12 pm

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