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Is this the quote that finally puts to rest any thought of Hucks staying?

Glenn Roeder on myfootballwriter.com:

I’m absolutely clear in my mind with what players I want to continue to play a part here over the next few years. But I’m also aware that there will be a number of players that will leave the club. We have to replace those with new players; new heroes.

There are heroes here now that will stay and there are heroes that are not at Norwich yet but that will start the season here. And that is what our supporters will want to see as well – fresh blood.

The one constant thing in football is change. I know that is contradictory but that is what it is. It’s a revolving door and that is for managers, coaches and players.

I’m not a person who dwells on the past. The history is left up on the shelf and I just look forward to the future.

I think it might very well be. It’s that last paragraph that does it for me. I hope I’m wrong – it’s not as if everyone is over-analysing every little comment made to look for clues is it? What’s that? Oh.



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