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Aviva-voom and the new City kit

So the rumours were true and AVIVA is the new club sponsor. Very nice too.

What isn’t very nice too, at least on first inspection is the new kit (modelled very well on the right here by Mr. Jason Shackell of Hollywood fame).

You may recall a few weeks ago a post with a few requests to the board regarding the new kit? In that post I made five simple requests, which were:

  1. Let us (the fans) have a say in our kit.
  2. Get a decent sponsor.
  3. Please don’t make it “fitted”.
  4. Let us know about it early.
  5. Please don’t let Xara give us a kit that is styled from an adidas kit or similar.

My original intention was to email Neil Doncaster just to see what came back, but we were all rather embroiled in a rather messy relegation battle so it didn’t really seem appropriate to waste more of Mr. Doncaster’s time with my “little” requests.

That said, how many of them were met anyway?

Let us (the fans) have a say in our kit. Erm, nope. Didn’t get that one unless somebody somewhere knows different?

Get a decent sponsor. Aviva are the biggest employer in our region and the fifth largest insurance group in the world, so I think that’s a tick in the box.

Please don’t make it “fitted”. It certainly doesn’t appear to be fitted, so even David in Hong Kong should hopefully be able to get the lovely tracksuit he’s always wanted! Another tick in the box.

Let us know about it early. Well we’ve all seen the kit and the season isn’t over yet but we won’t be able to buy it on bulk until August, so that’s a little tiny tick from me.

Please don’t let Xara give us a kit that is styled from an adidas kit of similar. It’s pretty similar to an old Nike kit and a little too much like the last “Proton” shirt we had, so I’m undecided on this one.

It’s about 2.5 each, so all things considered I’m pretty happy with that, however this statement on the official site has got me a little confused:

The new away kit will be exclusively unveiled at this year’s Royal Norfolk Show (Wednesday, June 25 and Thursday, June 26) in the Norwich City marquee. Exact launch details are to be confirmed.

The current red and white kit is stated as being used from 2007-2009, so what’s happening there? If anyone knows I’d love to find out…



2 thoughts on “Aviva-voom and the new City kit

  1. well the red and white kit has Flybe all over it so they have to bin it thank gawd. If you buy a new home shirt then you get a tenner off the new away shirt as compo

    Posted by rainbow | April 30, 2008, 3:06 pm
  2. As the kit was was labelled as being for two years I was expecting them to just change the sponsor logo on it, but the message from the club would appear to say otherwise…

    Posted by The Guru | May 1, 2008, 10:12 pm

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