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Ever get the feeling you’re cracking up?

A friend of mine updates me on an almost daily basis with stories of his latest bizarre dream. One of the most recent resulted in him waking up in a cold sweat yelling the value of pi over and over again. Mis-spent youth or too much cheese? I couldn’t possibly speculate, but I’ll go with the latter for now. 

Anyway, I don’t really tend to have that many particularly “vivid” dreams – and certainly none that conclude with me screaming mathematical constants at the bedroom wall – but last night I dreamt that I was cycling to work and I overtook Joe Lewis, who was walking over a bridge (don’t ask me what bridge, I have no idea).

I brushed passed him and stopped to say hello. I asked him where he was going and he said he was on his way to the QPR game and had decided to set off early to ensure he didn’t miss the warm-up (I always make sure I’m in my seat nice and early as well so I can feel the atmosphere building before a game). He said the other reason he was going was to make sure Hucks got a new contract, to which I replied “good idea”.

Why didn’t it seem strange that a Peterborough United goalkeeper would be walking to Norwich from Bedford on a weekday morning along my cycle route to work to watch Saturday’s game?

I think I need help.

I’m going for a lie down…




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