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Champions League Semi-Final (First Leg) Predictions

The first leg of the Champions League Semi-Finals take place tonight and Wednesday. We’re guaranteed an English side in the final and there’s a real possiblity of an all-English final in Moscow next month.

As usual I couldn’t resist making some predictions…

Liverpool v Chelsea (ITV1 from 19:30 tonight). Liverpool and Chelsea can’t seem to avoid each other in the Champions League, but this time the second-leg isn’t at Anfield which might make a big difference to the outcome. Chelsea have an absolutely huge game with Manchester United sandwiched between this semi-final, but that won’t have an impact on tonight. My prediction: Liverpool 1 Chelsea 0.

Barcelona v Man Utd (Sky Sports 1 from 18:00 tomorrow). This game would have been probably been the best final, but alas we have to settle for them meeting in the last four. Barca are not quite the force they once were, but I think this’ll be a cracking game. My prediction: Barcelona 1 Man Utd 1.




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