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Why did Gibbs start? If I were to hazard a guess…

A lot of people (including myself) were a little surprised that Kieran Gibbs started against West Brom on Saturday. Then I came across this on the Arsenal site and it became a little clearer.

I think it is fair to say that realistically the West Brom game was the least important of the run-in. If you look at our last half dozen games and picked one you thought we may struggle in, few wouldn’t have chosen Saturday.

With that in mind Sir Glenn has already said that he is busily planning for next season and that the loan market will in all likelihood be key again. Gibbs hasn’t played much. Arsenal probably won’t be too chuffed about that. We want more young, hungry ‘stars of the future’ next season.

It doesn’t take much working out, and to be fair it makes a lot of sense to get him in the game that has the least amount of risk and keep Mr Wenger happy.

Of course it may well be complete and utter garbage and Roeder felt that the skills of Gibbs were required against the likes of Robinson, Gera et al, but I’m in a speculative mood and I’m sticking with my theory. 🙂



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