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Five ways things could be worse for City supporters

I’m still bitter about our derby-day capitulation, but in an another effort to lify my spirits have come up with five ways things could be worse for us City supporters:

1. We could be Derby fans. Relegated from the Premier League before the clocks even went forward, defeated 6-0 at the weekend, at home, a manager who has an “interesting” way to spend his spare time (according to the News of the World a few weeks ago). Yep, things would be a lot worse if we were Derby County supporters.

2. Mike Tyson might want to help. The former heavyweight boxing champion of the world has offered to provide counselling and support to troubled Paul Gascoigne when he is in the UK. I think that says enough.

3. We could be Rafael Benitez. He’s guided his side to fourth in the Premier League and into the Champions League semi-finals, but the Liverpool boss spends almost as much time reading about who his bosses want to replace him with as coaching and preparing his team. Can’t be nice.

4. Peter Grant could still be in charge. If he hadn’t have left when he did the chances are we would have been relegated almost as soon as Derby were.

5. We could be Ipswich fans. They may have beaten us, they may have a bigger stadium than us and they may have Danny Haynes (pesky, nasty, Haynes) but I’d rather be a Yellow than a Blue any day of the week. Our game’s a sell out again on Saturday by the way.



One thought on “Five ways things could be worse for City supporters

  1. Thats made my day a little better. changed my thought process.

    excellent and very amusing.

    Posted by Gordon | April 15, 2008, 1:30 pm

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