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Wednesday fined for loan “mistake”

The Football League have, as expected, followed the precedent set when Leeds committed a similar offence and fined Sheffield Wednesday the paltry sum of £2,000 rather than deduct any points for naming six loan players in their squad for the game against Stoke City a few weeks ago.

I hope the league take a look at this rule at the end of the season, as a two grand fine is hardly going to scare other clubs into not making the same mistake in the future is it?

If Wednesday survive by a point this season – or heaven forbid on goal difference – there could well be some pretty unhappy people about.



One thought on “Wednesday fined for loan “mistake”

  1. I can understand why some people would want us to be deducted points for this, but is that really how you want to stay up or gain promotion. It was a silly mistake which really made little difference on the day. What next deduct points for crowd trouble or any of the many reasons teams get fined (no. of yellow cards, trouble on pitch, tapping up etc.) Let’s keep the game on the pitch shall we?

    Oh …..well done Ipswich today!! 🙂 See you at Hillsborough on the last day and let’s hope we are both safe by then!

    Posted by Woodhouseowl | April 13, 2008, 4:39 pm

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