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The Ipswich/Iranian high-ground

Richard Balls seems to have whipped up a bit of a storm with his latest column in the Pink’Un.

I love a bit of derby “mischief” and Mr. Balls never misses a trick in that respect, much to the disgust of the local enemy. They’re up in arms on the twtd.co.uk website. One Town fan posted a message saying “get over it, it just shows what a small town they are”, to which another Tractor Boy posted this:

Too true. I still feel we can take an article like that and whip up histeria to counter-act it. If we play the moral high ground a bit like Iran did when they took a few of our Marines arrested them and then paraded them for own self gain then why can’t we spin this article to make Ipswich look like innocent party in this bitter and jealous attack on ITFC. Articles like that add extra spice to the derby and make victory the more sweet.

Yep, you read that right. He wants them to take the moral high ground “a bit like Iran did”. You really couldn’t make that up could you???




2 thoughts on “The Ipswich/Iranian high-ground

  1. Who is this Richard Balls? Is he big in Norfolk?

    Posted by Tony Heyers | April 12, 2008, 11:23 pm

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