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Norwich City Kitty: An update straight from the horse’s mouth

A few weeks ago I had a cheeky pop at Iain Walpole and the Norwich City Kitty which he didn’t take too kindly to. I also asked him what he thought of this, and he replied with:

I have never understood the negativity from some quarters regarding the Kitty. I have always said from day one that, if you like the idea and can afford it then get involved, if you don’t like it, or ,can’t afford it thats fine also.

What has amazed me is the verbal attacks that have been launched at the Kitty and myself. After all what am I doing thats so bad? trying to help the club we all love, is that so awful?

Some of the worst rubbishing of the idea, the site, and myself have come from the head of one of the other bodies that raises funds for the club, now this is what I find hard to swollow, do we not all have one common aim?

Things within the Kitty are moving along and we should be ready to launch very soon.

We will really hit the media with a bang ,and have one big surprise that I am 99% sure will get even the biggest doubters wanting to get involved.

With any luck I might even get that fiver off Mr Guru yet!

I’ve only really heard negative feedback regarding the Kitty so I’m turning this over to you, the people, to let me know what you think. As I said, I’m still a cynic but I am prepared to be convinced.

Let’s talk…



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