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Looking ahead to 2008/2009

As regular readers(!) will probably know, I write a column for the excellent Vital Norwich site called “Guru’s Goat”. I used to publish the first couple of paragraphs here and then link to the main body of it, but I figured that was probably a little mis-leading as you wouldn’t necessarily know you were being taken ‘off-site’ so I’m going to be a bit more honest about it all now.

In the latest Goat I look at where the Championship will be going next season. Will it be any stronger than this year? Here’s an excerpt:

There are two ways to look at the Championship this season. Either you believe the league is the most competitive (i.e. best) it has been in years, or you think it is the weakest it has been in years. There isn’t an awful lot of middle ground.

Both viewpoints stem from the fact that this season more than any other any team really can beat any other, which is demonstrated by the likelihood that the team finishing in the final play-off position this season will do so with the lowest points total in years, whereas the team occupying the third relegation place will have the highest.

I’d better get it out of the way early on; I think the Championship in general is shocking this season. Very few teams have impressed me and although you would have got incredible odds on the top six being occupied in early April by Bristol City, Stoke, Hull, Watford, West Brom and Wolves – and with just five points separating the top five to boot – that doesn’t mean the league is particularly strong.

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