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Premier League

Did a Premier League footballer take a bribe?

The Independent is reporting that a footballer took a £50,000 ‘bung’ to get himself sent-off and three of his team mates booked during the same game.

The paper alleges that the player, who has “a Premiership club on his CV”, took the bribe from a bookmaker in order to pay off a gambling debt.

If the report is true – or even partly true – then the FA has got a real fight on its hands convincing the world that our national game hasn’t descended into the same murky world as has been proven to be the case in Italy and Germany amongst others in recent years.

I agree with Arsene Wenger on what should happen with people who are caught doing this sort of thing:

I believe that the most important thing is that our game is clean. It is surprising news and very bad news. I am convinced that if it is proven they should be banned for life.

If one player has done that you have 99.9% of players who have never done it. But you have to convict the one player who has done that.

It’s not down to human nature. Everyone has to stand up for their own acts and take responsibility for what he is doing.

Of course the hard part is catching them in the first place. Where would you start?



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