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Lucky Wednesday?

It looks like Sheffield Wednesday will get away with a fine from the Football League after naming six loan signings in their sixteen-man squad for the game against Stoke on Saturday.

There can be absolutely no excuses from Brian Laws or anyone at Hillsborough. Everybody knows the rules, and the fact that Wednesday failed to adhere to them should cost them dearly.

I’m Club Secretary for a local Sunday League team and although you can hardly compare the standard of football between the two leagues (we play to a much higher standard 😉 ) the same rules should apply.

In our league if you play an ineligible player you are given a hefty fine, deducted two points (we have two points for a win), the other club is rewarded maximum points on a 0-0 basis and the game is usually re-played, schedule permitting, at the expense of the club who did wrong.

Last season Leeds were found guilty of the same thing and were fined £2,000, so it would be a real surprise if Wednesday were deducted points, which once again highlights the differences between the top of the game – where you would think this sort of “mistake” would be much less likely – and the grass roots level.

It’s all very frustrating – and not just because a point deduction for Wednesday would help the Canary cause.



6 thoughts on “Lucky Wednesday?

  1. When Leeds did it they were fined £2000 so why should Wednesday have points deducted if the precedent has been set? Could it be that it’s just wishful thinking, anything to help your plight and the fact that you’re plummeting to the drop zone and we’re the team that’s got some sort of form at the moment?? Surely not!?! Keep clinging to any faint hope you Canaries because all it’s doing is hiding the facts and that is you’re a worse team than us!!! Look over your shoulders boys, we’ve got two games in hand and we play you at home last match of the season! Wednesday til i die!!!

    Posted by Graham | March 31, 2008, 5:03 pm
  2. Thanks for the comment Graham but if you read the second to last paragraph again you’ll see that I said it would be a real surprise should Wednesday be deducted points.

    Personally I think a point deduction would be very harsh – it’s not as if all six of them played and had a hand in the goal for example – I just think the inconsistencies in the rules between the top of the game and grass roots level need to be sorted out.

    But would I take it if the league deducted your lot points and it helped us? Too right I would – it’s do or die time for all of us now!

    Incidentally I don’t know if you read https://norwichcity.wordpress.com/2008/03/31/championship-predictions-31st-march-2008/ or not, but if you did you’ll see I’ve got you down as picking up 8 points to finish safe. How do you think you’ll get on?

    Posted by The Guru | March 31, 2008, 5:11 pm
  3. I think it’s OTT to suggest that this mistake is anything other than that. Brian Laws was a full back for Forest and Middlesborough amongst others, and manager of Scunthorpe, and although I am sure he is a genuine bloke, no one should be suggesting he would willingly risk a points deduction for no possible gain.
    If he had used the loaned subs then the argument would be stronger.
    By contrast, Wednesday’s full back is now injured from an Ameobi yellow card incident, and many will have seen the Stoke full back’s assault on the Owls midfielder as a certain red card. Also Jeffers is still injured from Shawcross’ yellow card in the earlier fixture. We are still awaiting Pulis condemning such reckless and dangerous play from his own team, I suspect we shall never hear such an admission.
    So, lucky Wednesday? Hard luck, Stoke? Stoke have failed to beat the Owls on the field of play, despite trying to kick them off the pitch. Do they deserve sympathy?
    I expect the Owls to be docked a point, but if Stoke are awarded the game, then football will be the loser.

    Posted by Dave Wilkinson | March 31, 2008, 6:53 pm
  4. Thanks for your comment Dave.

    I take on board your point about implying there was a sinister motive behind it, which wasn’t my intention (although I do believe you’d have to be pretty daft to break this particular rule).

    I think the fact that not all of the players were used will be the main reason Wednesday avoid a point-related penalty (as well as the Leeds precedent of course).

    As far as Stoke are concerned, well let’s just say I’ve made my thoughts on them clear in the past (I don’t particularly care for them).

    Posted by The Guru | March 31, 2008, 7:27 pm
  5. theres no way the owls should be deducted points (and i dont think they will be) but isnt it also true that stephen pearson ( the player who set stokes goal up) was not signed in time on the loan deadline day ? so surely if were going to be punished (for something which did not affect the outcome ) so should they !!!

    p.s i think we’ll both be safe and the final game of the season will be a dead rubber like last season


    Posted by jonnydaowl | March 31, 2008, 8:14 pm
  6. Yes you do say that it would be a surprise if we get points deducted but you state it in the manner that we should be treated more harshly and the title of ‘Lucky Wednesday’ suggests we would be lucky if we got away with just a fine. To be fair it was a mistake and although 6 players were in the squad, only 3 were on the pitch at any given time. I think Swansea also made this mistake in 2003 and were just cautioned following a match they also drew. I think Leeds actually fielded all their loan players which is why they were fined. It’s funny because if you look at Stoke’s pages and Leicester and Blackpool etc they are all thinking the same way for the obvious reason that they want it to benefit their own club either for promotion or avoiding relegation. The only thing that would help the Canary cause or any other for that matter, is beating your opponents and making sure you get points. I’ve looked at your prediction and although you put us just above the bottom 3 i’m not sure whether 53 points will be enough this season, it’s going to be a high one this year and that amount could still see a team relegated. We’ve got Coventry City tonight so we’ll be doing both our teams a favour if we get the 3 points! To use the old cliche, they’re all cup finals from now on!!

    Posted by Graham | April 1, 2008, 9:15 am

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