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The footballing Black List

The Black List

The Voice, Britain’s leading newspaper for the black community, has published “The Black List”, to highlight the contribution that people from an African Caribbean background are making to the game.

As a (white) English football fan I personally feel that in this country we are leagues ahead of our European and international cousins when it comes to equality in the game, but agree with The Voice that there is still progress to be made.

To be completely honest I look forward to the day when these sort of lists and distinctions are no longer required. I’m all for celebrating the cultural diversity we enjoy in this country but in my opinion true equality with regards to race, gender, religious views or any other area where prejudice could occur will never exist while they are.

I hope I’m not missing the point.

The 30 most influential black people in English football: Alex Williams, Andy Ansah, Bobby Barnes, Brendon Batson, Chris Kamara, Chris Nathaniel, Chris Powell, Chris Ramsey, Darren Lewis, Garth Crooks, Heather Rabbats, Hepburn Harrison-Graham, Hope Powell, Ian Wright, Jason Rockett, John Barnes, Keith Alexander, Les Ferdinand, Lord Herman Ouseley, Lord John Taylor, Noel Blake, Paul Elliott, Paul Ince, Rio Ferdinand, Robbie Earle, Rodney Hinds, Sky Andrew, Tony Finnigan, Tony Whelan, Uriah Rennie.



One thought on “The footballing Black List

  1. city is the sest 😀

    Posted by nikke | May 14, 2008, 9:56 pm

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