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Lessons Learned

What we have learned this weeked – 8th/9th March 08

Somebody outside the ‘big 4’ will win the FA Cup this season. After a fantastic weekend of FA Cup action a name other than that of Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal or Liverpool’s will be etched on the famous trophy for the first time since 1995.

Alex Ferguson still can’t take a defeat on the chin. Was it a penalty? Yes, probably. But how many times has Ronaldo cheated Utd to victory? Too many to mention. And what about the other 80-odd minutes where United couldn’t get passed the determined Pompey back-line? Blaming the referee for that is nothing more than a clever smokescreen. You lost Sir Alex. Get over it.

Norwich are better than Chelsea and Liverpool. Barnsley beat Liverpool in the Fifth Round at Anfield and Chelsea yesterday at Oakwell. We beat Barnsley home and away this season. Ergo Norwich City are better than either of them. It’s obvious! 🙂

We won’t be going up this season. 10 points behind with 9 games to go? No sorry, we’re not going to make that up. The main priority this season now is to get the momentum going again for next term – and if we can do our bit to stop Ipswich going up then all the better.



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