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Quotes of the Week: 9th March 08

David Marshall is enjoying himself so far:

Coming here is just like a fresh start and it feels like my first club almost again. So I’m really enjoying it. And you could see it as the start of my career. So I’m really looking forward to next season, but I think there’s a bit to go in this as well.

Glenn Roeder reminds his side that the season is not over:

I think some of them have shown to me in the last couple of weeks that they’re switching off and the season is far from finished. There are a lot of points to play for and they have to realise if they want a future at this football club they have got to do a lot better.

And offers a challenge to his squad:

Some of them are playing for their careers. If they leave Norwich in the summer they will not go to a better club than this. That should be a motivating factor.

Darel Russell explains how desperate he is to regain his place in the side after being sent off, and is subsequently sent-off:

All I can do is continue to train hard and hope I show the manager enough to get back in the team. The one upside of not playing the last few games is I’ve been able to rest a niggly injury so I feel fit and fresh.



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