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Quotes of the Week: 2nd March 08

Mark Fotheringham on Jamie Cureton and the captain’s armband:

He has been getting a bit of stick because of him kissing the armband last weekend, maybe he wants it on a permanent basis, but we’ll wait and see. It’s all good fun. But that’s not really my scene, I prefer to kiss the badge.

But on a serious note, it was a good lift for him. He said he enjoyed the day and that it meant a lot to him. For me, he’s one of the best strikers in the league so it was good for him to get his goal and to be the captain. He’s a good lad and I really enjoy playing with him.

To be captain of this football club, with the fans we’ve got and the tradition the club has, is a great honour.

And on his future plans:

My true feelings are that I’m delighted to be at this football club, I’ve said that from the first day I came down here.

There is no better stage to be on in the league, with a stadium like ours and the fans we get, but it is an important decision to make and I’ll have to think about it. But I want to be here in the long term and we’ll see what happens.

Kieran Gibbs is enjoying his time in Norfolk:

It’s great to play at Carrow Road. The crowd are all supportive and everyone is behind the team. That is what gets us going, and there is a great spirit everywhere at the club. From the changing room into training, everyone is really positive.

Football Rivalries Report 2008:

The (Norwich and Ipswich) rivalry, however, goes much deeper than football. The fact Norwich has city status and Ipswich doesn’t is a long-standing issue that generates fierce debate in Suffolk. Also, many in Ipswich would prefer the town to be more closely associated with the metropolitan feel of London than the quiet, rural traditions of East Anglia.



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