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A Public Service Announcement

Wedding Rings

This week of all weeks it is only right and proper to post a public service announcement to men everywhere, so ladies if you can avert your eyes for the remainder of this post I would be extremely grateful.

Have they gone? Ok, lads listen up. You might not realise this but tomorrow is 29th February. In case you are unaware, that is the day that women are “allowed” to propose to their men, so if the missus is acting a little strange (I resisted the urge to write “stranger than normal”) and you’re out for dinner tomorrow tonight, or she has arranged any “special” plans, if you don’t want an uncomfortable few night’s sleep in the spare room you might want to pick up that headache she always seems to have just after Match of the Day has finished.

You know the one. It comes on all of a sudden in the evening for a few hours but is gone again by morning.

Don’t say I didn’t want you. 🙂

PS for the record I’m very happily engaged – and it was almost all my own idea!



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