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Quotes of the Week: 17th Feb 08

Norwich City manager Glenn RoederCity boss Glenn Roeder faces up to a summer of change:

So there’s a real rebuilding job to be done here, which we always knew. We knew what our first goal was this year and there’s still a lot of work to be done and a lot of points gained, but after that we have to face the reality that after that there’s going to be nine players at least (leaving).

Roeder on the future of Darren Huckerby:

It looks pretty certain that before I’ve had a chance to make my mind up, Huckerby has made his own mind up that he’s leaving.

On the unfortunate Matthew Bates:

He has been assured that the operation will be a success and he will make another comeback. He gets on tremendously well with the lads and we wish him not only a speedy recovery, but a full recovery as well.

And Roeder again, this time on Darel Russell’s red card at Leicester:

I’ve looked at it now and can have no complaints and Darel will be disappointed in himself to have lunged in the manner that he did. Darel Russell is not what I’d call a dirty player. I don’t think he’s got a history of doing things like that and I would think he genuinely went for ball but missed it completely and he’s caught the lad, and it does look nasty. I can’t blame the referee at all.

Queen Delia admits she would be willing to sell – but only to the right person:

I have to face up to the reality that if somebody comes a long and says: ‘I will put £20 million into Norwich City Football Club – on the playing side; not just on the day-to-day scrabbling to survive – I think the supporters would not forgive me if I turned it down. Or if Michael and I turned it down.

That’s where I am. And if people don’t come along and offer that kind of money – or if the wrong person came and offered it then, no, I’d prefer not to; I’d prefer to still be there.



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