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If only life was really like this…

FIFA 2008

Picture the scene. It’s Sunday 17th April 2008 and Ipswich Town are hosting Norwich City in the derby at Portman Road. Goals from Dion Dublin, Darren Huckerby and Chris Brown (yes, that Chris Brown) give the Canaries a well deserved 3-0 victory over their old rivals to tie up the Championship title and promotion to the Premier League.

Have I been taking something I shouldn’t? Well I did have a headache on Monday and didn’t wait the full four hours between doses of ibuprofen but apart from that no I’m clean, man. I’ve just been back playing on my Xbox 360 during most of my spare time lately and that was the joyous occasion I celebrated earlier in the week.

Sat on the sofa with Charlie on my lap (he’s our dog – I told you I’m clean, man) I know it’s only a game – and it really is this time – it’s not like when Mrs. Guru uses those evil words in an effort to comfort me after a defeat (not that we’ve seen one of those for a while thanks to Sir Glenn) – but I still find myself leaping up and punching the air in delight at trouncing the “enemy” to win the league.




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