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Richest clubs in the world

Money, Money, Money

Deloitte have published their latest Football Money League. It is based on revenues generated during 2006/2007 but does not take into account transfer activity or profitability, and surprise surprise three English clubs are in the top five and seven British clubs make up the top twenty.

The official top ten richest clubs in the world are:

  1. Read Madrid: £236.2m
  2. Manchester United: £212.1m
  3. Barcelona: £195.3m
  4. Chelsea: £190.5m
  5. Arsenal: £177.6m
  6. AC Milan: £153m
  7. Bayern Munich: £150.3m
  8. Liverpool: £133.9m
  9. Inter Milan: £131.3m
  10. AS Roma: £106.1m

I guess Norwich will have to wait until next year to make the list…



One thought on “Richest clubs in the world

  1. how cam machester got to the top.

    Posted by sheriff | April 11, 2008, 10:53 pm

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