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Goalkeeping coach situation

Canary legend Bryan GunnThe Greeno “England’s number 6” thing reminded me that I hadn’t written about the goalkeeper coach position at Carrow Road. What’s going on with it at the moment?

We had James Hollman who left the club in strange circumstances, presumably fired, but with no real explanation.

Then we had Stuart Murdoch in place. For four days. Then he quit.

And now the man, the legend that is Bryan Gunn is still looking after things on a “temporary” basis.

Why was Hollman sacked?

Why did Murdoch quit so quickly?. You don’t take a job and jack it in less than a week later for “family reasons”. He’s now Chief Scout at Millwall by the way.

Is Gunny going to be doing the job full-time?

Is the problem that we can’t actually afford another coach so Gunn is the ‘cheap’ option?

All these questions and as yet no answers. Well that makes a change. If anyone has any of the answers by the way please feel free to let me know. Leave a comment or my email address is on the left of this page somewhere near the bottom. Ta.



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