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Quotes of the Week: 3rd Feb 2008

Darren HuckerbyWelcome to another new feature – Quotes of the Week.

Each week I’ll be sharing my favourite quotes of the week taken from interviews and articles from across the net.

It’s not a particularly original concept, but I don’t see it on any other Norwich City site doing it so I’m still going to consider myself a trailblazer for the time being.

Darren Huckerby talking about his City future:

Long after I’m gone, there’ll still be Norwich City. I’m only going to be playing for a couple more years – and then I’ll be watching Norwich City.

Glenn Roeder on his first impressions of Matthew Bates:

First impressions were very good – he came in training yesterday when he didn’t have to, he jumped in a car to make sure he was down on Wednesday night to get training here yesterday. He trained on his own, I met him and he was champing at the bit.

Ian Murray blubs after being packed off back to Scotland with his tale between his legs:

I felt I had to try it down there or I would be sitting in five or six years wondering ‘what if?’ but after Peter Grant left, it was no fun. Playing for Glenn Roeder, it was the first time in my life I felt like chucking it during a game, a lot of the players felt that way. He’s an angry man, not nice to play for.

Darel Russell sums up the mood of the current Canary camp:

It’s brilliant. I just never feel like we’re going to go out there and get beaten. There’s an expectation of that, whereas earlier in the season we feared teams when we went out.



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