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If it ain’t broke…

With there being no news on the transfer front over the weekend all talk turned to a report on the Pink’un last week, where the club admitted that a new badge is one of the items up for discussion by the “brand identity” working party.

A lot of clubs quote copyright/trade marking reasons for changing their badge, i.e. they don’t people ripping off the club’s image with lots of unofficial or dodgy merchandise (such as using the club’s badge on a blog). If a new design is used it is easier to register it as a trademark and then it should, in theory, be easier to manage who is using and when.

If memory serves that was the reason that Arsenal changed their badge from this to this.

The other main reason they change is to do with branding (or because it’s rubbish and nobody knows who it is for or what it “means”). I seem to recall Fulham quoting this reason when they changed their badge from this to this a few years ago.

Clubs trying to update their “corporate identity” is nothing new. Just chuck a few teams through Wikipedia and see how many badges they’ve had. To be honest I didn’t realise it was as common as it seemingly is.

But do we need to change ours?

In short I don’t really know. I don’t have a particular emotional attachment to the current crest, but that doesn’t mean it should be changed. If there is a legitimate financial benefit from doing so then I think it should be discussed and we should go from there.

The bottom line for me is as long as the fans get to make the call then fair enough. Personally I’d just go with just the canary on the ball – although that may look a little too much like the Spurs badge.

What do you think?



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