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FA Cup

FA Cup Fourth Round Predictions (Part 2)

Havant & Waterlooville fans at Anfield

Ok let’s see how I got on this time round with my predictions…

Arsenal V Newcastle. My prediction: Arsenal win. Final score: Arsenal 3 Newcastle 0. Off to a good start. 1-0 to me.

Barnet V Bristol Rovers. My prediction: Draw. Final score: Barnet 0 Bristol Rovers 1. Always a hard one to call so I’ll take that one on the chin. 1-1.

Coventry V Millwall. My prediction: Coventry to win. Final score: Coventry 2 Millwall 1. No real surprise here but I’ll take it. 2-1 to me.

Derby V Preston. My prediction: Derby to win. Final score: Derby 1 Preston 4. Oops, got this one very wrong. 2-2.

Hereford V Cardiff. My prediction: Cardiff to win. Final score: Hereford 1 Cardiff 2. 3-2 to me.

Liverpool V Havant & Waterlooville. My prediction: Liverpool to win. Final score: Liverpool 5 Havant & Waterlooville 2. Well I won’t exactly get many brownie points for getting this one right, but what a game. This is what I mean when I say I love the cup. 4-2 to me.

Man Utd V Tottenham. My prediction: Man Utd to win. Final score: Man Utd 3 Spurs 1. 5-2 to me.

Mansfield V Middlesbrough. My prediction: Draw. Final score: Mansfield 0 Boro 2. Always an optimistic one this, so never mind. 5-3 to me.

Oldham V Huddersfield. My prediction: Huddersfield to win. Final score: Oldham 0 Huddersfield 1. Another one to me. 6-3.

Peterborough V West Brom. My prediction: West Brom to win. Final score: Posh 0 WBA 3. 7-3 to me.

Portsmouth V Plymouth. My prediction: Pompey to win. Final score: Portsmouth 2 Plymouth 1. Probably never in doubt. 8-3.

Southampton V Bury. My prediction: Soton to win. Final score: Soton 2 Bury 0. 9-3 to me. This is becoming a walk-over.

Watford V Wolves. My prediction: Draw. Final score: Watford 1 Wolves 4. Well I did not see this coming. 9-4.

Wigan V Chelsea. My prediction: Chelsea to win. Final score: Wigan 1 Chelsea 2. Another one to me. 10-4.

So overall I win 10-4. I’ll take that thank you very much. Not a single draw – I wonder when the last time that happened was? If anyone has the answer please let me know…



One thought on “FA Cup Fourth Round Predictions (Part 2)

  1. Every Huddersfield Town fan should travel to London to see them take on Chelsea again – Chelsea nicked it 2-1 in January 2008 but this time the Terriers can do it.

    MATCHhotels have a good write-up on travel to the game by bus, train and car and a guide to cheap
    Chelsea hotels

    Posted by Ben | January 31, 2008, 12:58 am

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