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How I came to love the Canaries


“Why do you support Norwich?” If only I had £1 for each time somebody asks me that. I hear it pretty much every time I tell someone that I’m a City fan.Ask most fans why they support the Canaries and you’ll probably hear the same few answers:

“I always have”.

“My Dad does”.

“It’s in the family”.

My story is a little different. You see I wasn’t always a Norwich City fan. In fact technically I suppose the Yellows are the third team I’ve supported in my life.

Let’s start at the beginning. My Mum’s side of the family are from Arbroath in Scotland (naturally making them Rangers supporters) and historically my Dad’s side of the family are Arsenal supporters, so when I was younger I followed them (if it’s possible to ‘follow’ a team when you’re that young? I don’t know if it is).

That all changed on 24th April 1988 when Luton Town beat Arsenal 3-2 in the Littlewoods Cup Final at Wembley.

To read the rest of this article visit the Vital Norwich site.



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