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Why am I here?


As a few of you may or may not be aware I occasionally post on a few City forums. I say occasionally post on them. What I do most of the time is read what everybody else is posting, have a good chuckle and to be fair usually learn something. Yesterday I posted a link to my post about the ‘A’ goal celebration and subsequently more people visited this little corner of the world than any other day (welcome everyone).

Anywho, somebody asked me a damn good question –

Why do you want people to read your blog, by the way?

Seriously? I don’t get it. You don’t get paid for it, and you’re not aiming high with ground-breaking reports from the heart of Kabul or something. You’re not exposing the way the world is being held to ransom by the US insistence on the dollar as a world currency, etc.

As you would expect I answered in my usual glib way but it really got me thinking about why I’m here and what I actually want to achieve (I mean why I’m writing this blog – I’m not looking for the meaning of life people).

So for that I say thank you Steve in Holland, and I think I’ve got a better answer for you.

Over the years I’ve read a fair few blogs (some of my current favourites are on the right hand side of this screen by the way) but have never really come across a Norwich City-related one that captured my imagination enough to make me want to stick around.

A very good friend of mine writes a software development blog (as is his bag), and he inspired me to have a crack myself.

As Steve said earlier, blogging has a tendency to attract one of two different types of person:

  1. Those that are building their audience in preparation for a business (ala Rick Waghorn) .
  2. Those who come across as though the world wants to read their thoughts. .

I don’t think I sit in either of those camps. I quite like my job and have no intention of trying to make money out it this (not that I would be able to if I wanted to) – I’m much more ‘citizen’ than ‘serious’ journalist as Rick would say – so that rules out number 1.

I like to think that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to City – when it comes to football in general to be honest. I believe I have something interesting to say, but I hope I don’t come across as a number 2.

I like having my own area to spout off about certain things – to try and get my argument across if you like – and the fact that people could read it appeals to me.

My motivation is that someone somewhere might see what I’m doing and find it interesting enough to come back, read some more who knows – maybe even change their perception on something.

Maybe it’s as simple as feeding my ego, making me feel important. I don’t think it’s that. I just enjoy rambling on about my favourite sport and if other people like it, great. If they don’t then fair enough.

I hope that answers the question. If it doesn’t please let me know, I’d be interested to know what you think.


PS If you’re someone that does find anything on this site interesting, please stick around. Even if just to make me feel important. 🙂



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