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The A-Z of Norwich City in 2007

Norwich A-ZI’m pretty new to this blogging lark but if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that at this time of year you can’t go anywhere without stumbling across a list of one thing or another.

At about the same as this realisation I was reading Football 365’s A-Z of Football in 2007, and not wanting to miss a good band-wagon when I see it was inspired to write a Norwich City version:

A is for Anti-Climax: The feeling shared by many (including myself) when Glenn Roeder was unveiled as Peter Grant’s replacement before realising that, actually, he looks really rather good.

B is for the Barclay: Along with the Snakepit the source of 90% of the noise within Carrow Road.

C is for Carrow Road: The home of the Canaries (obviously).

D is for Dion: I know there is something not quite right when your best player is 38 years old, but persuading him to stay on for the current campaign was one of the few positives you could take from Peter Grant’s reign.

E is for Excitement: Painful? Embarrassing? Humiliating? Perhaps, but surely nobody could call 2007 dull?

F is for Fotheringham: I love seeing players showing passion for the cause and few have demonstrated a greater desire to do well for Norwich City Football Club in the last few months than the new skipper.

G is for Grant: Let’s just leave that there shall we? He’s gone now…

H is for Huckerby: I know the term is over-used, but he really is a legend.Huckerby

I is for Ipswich: If it wasn’t for our friends down the road, we’d have nobody to dislike.

J is for the Jarrold Stand: Where I usually sit.

K is for KitKat: An essential part of my pre-match ritual. Compliments the Cornish Pasty wonderfully.

L is for Luck: Something we started the year without, but seem to be finishing with plenty of.

M is for Marshall: Finally it seems we have a replacement for Robert Green.

N is for New Scoreboards: We’ve got new scoreboards! And they’re in colour and everything!

O is for Onside: As in “Curo, Hucks – get onside!”

P is for Pasties: Carrow Road is still the home of the best Cornish Pastie in football.

Q is for Queen Delia: God bless you ma’am.

R is for Roeder: Hopefully the saviour of our fair club. You’re doing a fine job so far Sir.

S is for the Snakepit: Along with the Barclay the source of 90% of the noise within Carrow Road.

T is for the Turners: Please, give us your money. I promise we’ll spend it wisely.

U is for Understatement: That 2007 has been a “disappointing” year.

V is for Victories: As hard as it may be to remember, we have had some decent victories this year. Blackpool away last month was a big one.

W is for Wrath of the Barclay: An NCFC message-board and worth a visit.

X is for eXcellent Support: Despite one of the worst years in recent memory average crowds at Carrow Road are still amongst the highest in the country.

Y is for Yellow Army: That continue to follow the team around the country, rain or shine.

Z is for Zzzzzzz: The noise most commonly heard emanating from the City Stand.



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