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Leave The Boys Alone, Bless Them.

Sol CampbellPFA Chief Executive Gordon Taylor has called for greater security to ensure players are protected from crowd abuse.

Sol Campbell also believes things are out of hand:

“We can all take the booing or light banter, but when it gets to the realms of verbal abuse it’s a bridge too far”.

He also questioned whether this sort of abuse is an infringement of a player’s human rights.

While you cannot condone some of the ridiculous abuse handed out to players on occasion (in my opinion the Ashley Cole/Arsenal situation went too far at the weekend), supporters pay a lot of money to watch these “superstars” who earn more in a week than they will in a year. If they think a certain player is a bit of a prat they have every right to say so.

On the day Manchester United defender Jonny Evans is arrested on rape allegations, and following incidents including Joey Barton putting a cigar out in a team-mate’s eye and allegations of racially motivated assault in recent years (to name but two), I wonder who needs this protection more – footballers from the public or the public from footballers.

If you’re interested you can listen to Sol Campbell’s interview with the BBC here.



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